Paint me on a canvas of the most brilliant white.
Make my body of the most magnificent colors.
Paint me with the best of brushes,
the finest of paints.

Make me worth something more,
than your average human.

Stroke my face with the stillest hands.
Create my appearance and complexion with the most delicate of details.
Make my body the utmost of accurate,
please no enhancements.

Make me love myself,
make my body worth loving,
highlighting it with the most beautiful colors and shades.


Love, Mashura

Environment I am In :

Top: Zara

Bottom :  Dress worn as a skirt:  Forever 21

Shoes: Edmundo Castillo

Bag: similar

Sunnies: Asos

Bracelet: H&M

Photography : Milena Androshchuk

Paint Me by Reese Mauro

  • Анастасия

    Образ идеальный и очень нравится сумка)) Подписалась на Ваш блог и надеюсь на взаимность

  • Lidia

    Прелестно! Футболка классная!

  • myblondegal

    Ох, как мне нравятся эти юбочки балерин – сразу получается такой легкий, воздушный образ! )