Happy Monday!

A bad outfit can ruin your day. How about bad body proportion? What  are you going to do about it? Reshape? Maybe recreate?

Say your body is your frame, whether it is tall or short,  may have or have not be in  that perfect hourglass shape.  Yet one thing women got to remember :   what matters most is  what you have within:  your mind, soul and  inner  beauty.   Regarding your frame my ladies,  try to remember and follow couple of rules:

Always begin with identifying the  shape of your body.  Knowing the proportions of your torso will make your life so much easier as you’ll know what to work with in regards of styling your outfit for the day.

Another thing you are going to identify is the basics of your wardrobe.  Regardless of your body shape, there is always a right top and right pair of pants  waiting for you out there.  It is now up to you to create the environment that works and fits  best for your body type.

Embracing and appreciating  your frame is crucial.  Just fall in love with what you have today and you will create that perfect proportion and beautiful silhouette of yours.

My eternal obsession with high waisted pants isn’t a secret anymore. You guess what shape I was born with, I will illustrate how I styled these trousers with a cropped sweatshirt and a pair of nude sandals to express my relaxed spirit.


Wishing you to stay in a perfect shape. Always.

Love, Mashura

Environment I am in:

Top: Asos

Bottom: Forever 21

Sandals: Zara (old)  similar

Bag: similar

Photography:  Milena Androshchuk

  • Tanya

    You’re just fabulous! Love your style so much. My name is Tanya, I’m a blogger from Ukraine, would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? You’re also welcome to my blog http://www.silkandsatins.com. Let’s be friends xoxo

    • http://www.spiceofsafar.com/ Mashura

      Welcome Tanya! I would be more than happy to see among my friends. XoXo :-)

  • Карина Симонова

    Very cool pants!))

    • http://www.spiceofsafar.com/ Mashura

      Thanx :-)