I remember criticizing a friend of mine not a while ago,  for wearing garments as her go to looks using the only color and that color was black.  Well, lets talk about different black here. Pardon me?  Black is Black, you say to me.  Shall I prove it is not the same?

I have seen many women and probably  just too many of those  buying and wearing black clothes.  There is nothing wrong with their color choice except,  black should not be considered as an easy  and safe choice  fashion environment to get into.  Instead,  wear it with confidence, emotion and sophistication. Because black stands for  elegance, magic and power.


Oh, and that sophistication does not have to come with a pricey tag.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post and next time we will continue this discussion about Black Color in girl’s wardrobe 😉

Love, Mashura.

Photography : Milena Androshchuk

Environment I am in: Crop Top Asos (old) (similar)  Tuxedo Vest  Forever 21

Pants Forever 21 Shoes Steve Madden  Bag Forever 21

Sunnies : Ray Ban

  • Milena Androshchuk

    I like black, but I didn’t wear black only outfit in years… Made my think to get some blacks together as well. Thank you.)

    • http://www.spiceofsafar.com/ Mashura

      Thank you :-)

  • Firangis Khalim-Zade

    Loving your new post! Was waitiing for you to start blogging long time ago:) Best of luck, your are great! Love, Fira <3

    • http://www.spiceofsafar.com/ Mashura

      Thank you so much <3